Interim assignments

Qualified staff quickly

When our customers need temporary skills solutions, for example in specific projects, during temporary workloads, parental leave, during a recruitment process or when facing an uncertain situation on the market, we can provide the right expertise in the form of our interim consultants. Hiring an interim consultant can also be the first step along a path that leads to permanent job placement.

The right person for the right job

To guarantee the right quality, we always conduct a client analysis and client analysis of needs, in which we review the requirements and qualifications for the position in question before we undertake interim assignments. The client then meets the relevant interim consultant and if everyone is satisfied the interim assignment commences.


If it turns out that there is no longer a need for the expertise during the course of the assignment, the client always retains the right to terminate the interim assignment. As an element of our quality assurance we follow up continuously during the course of interim assignment.

An ongoing learning process

After completion of the interim assignment a follow-up meeting will be hold, where both client and consultant is given the opportunity to comment on our work.